Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First news about last year

Minnie asked me to join the girls. She is such a nice person, always caring for the group to keep together.
 Tickles and Sugar Suz arrived in a few, and we ordered some pizzas and drinks, getting ready for a nice afternoon chatting.

Tickles' mom is a professional esth√©ticienne. She works at the opera theater, and  was invited to the opera  party. They had to wear super elegant, and  solved the problem by renting some of the dresses that were usually used for the shows.

The twins joined their cousins' party.

And Sugar Suz had a call from Gott asking her to meet him.
He was working as a waiter, and she knew it. It was not a  date, so ...
But she was very curious about the call, and went to meet him.

Ohhhhhh he just seemed to wanted to wish her happy new year! HAHAHAHA
 (I think only her twin and I noticed  Minnie's happy face :) )

Poor Gott! I suspected he had lots more to say... and do :) but he is too shy!

Then Lou lou arrived apologizing for her being late, and joined the comments about how weird boys can be, sharing her own NYE adventure.

 Oh Loulou, you are terrible! hahahahaha
  Oh i love these crazy girls! And yes i told them about my NYE... but ill write about it later :)


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Make up Smokey blue eyeshadow
'War of the Roses' earrings by Secret Oktober

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