Thursday, January 5, 2012

Great end for a wonderful beginning!

When Bf called saying his mom and him wanted to invite mom and I to the new year eve dinner, i have to admit i felt a bit collapsed.
Mom and his mom were so different! What if they didnt like eachother? So i knew what i was going to do, and told mom to follow my instructions.

Yes yes, something not formal, not serious... Mom was feeling a bit unsecure, but i pushed her to the taxi and waited for Bf and Giulia, his mom, at the door of the hotel Chelsea, where Bf had booked a table.
There they come! Their taxi is here... 
What what what? Oh my she was gorgeous, and so elegant!!!  I wanted to disappear in a 'poof' while we introduced our moms, cause i knew mom was feeling very underdressed. Then Bf went to ask for our table while Giulia explained what a great day she has had, and how nice it was to meet us for such a special dinner.
 When Bf came back he had good and bad news...                     Oh wow, mom and i were so happy we could move to a less elegant place where we woud feel much more comfortable.
We had a lovely table on the terrace, ...
Ohhh live music ... And it was before desserts arrived, when suddenly...

WOWOWOW What a lovely ring, with earrings and necklace ...
I couldnt have wished a best way to begin the year!


Open Gift Shape *ANNA SHAPES*
Overall Marcelle [Amarelo Manga]
Cold as Ice Earrings  Secret Oktober
Mom               Lucy MEB         Frenzy Boots-grey  Koketka
DD                     Bonnie Deep Blue  GENESIS INC     Jewelry Opal Set (ring, necklace, earrings)  GRAFFITIWEAR 

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