Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter festival

Miss Denise told us today about the Easter festival. And she said it ends with a party. Sorry i mean, THE PARTY.
The theater will be decorated and everybody will be there, teachers and students. We will have dj's music, and prizes, (most beautiful couple, best outfit, ... ) Sounds wonderful, doesnt it?
Ok, now the bad news. The party and the DONT premier are the same evening.

My friends say the party will last all night long, so i could come for a bit after the premier. I think Miss Denise should have waited for the announcement, cause for sure nobody payed attention to next class.
And everybody has plans. Sugar Suz told us she has decided to invite Honk,(' isnt he part of the school? Then where is the problem? ' )
And Loulou ... will Marlow ask her? She said NO WAY, and told us she doesnt care for him anymore (hmm ... no comments).


:.::HOT STUFF::.: for the Who's that girl hunt

SLC  Mesh Cropped Vest Top Floral blue

::T&G:: Trashed Ripped Jeans::Blue

SLC Gipsy Top and hot Jeans Shorts fleur violet 1
  * ESSENTIAL SOUL *   Modern Love pose

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