Monday, April 2, 2012

Friends will be friends

oh my my my.
Sugar Suz began to disappear at the end of the classes, and we all know why. She says she cant help it, she is crazy about him.
I wondered when Honk was going to tell her about MOna. And finally he did. He asked her for a date, well she thoought it was so, but then he told her there was another girl.
It seems, or at least it seemed so to Sugar Suz, that he is not so sure about his feelings.
And now, you know, she is saying they are that thing ... whats the word?  Ah yes, FRIENDS.
And friends invite friends to parties, dont they?
Ok, now, what do i do? Do i tell MOna? And what do i tell her? Her bf is being too friendly? UGH!


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