Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I will be your hero, baby

  'I can be your hero' (Enrique Iglesias)

Spring is coming! And you know what comes with the spring .... LOVE LOVE LOVE
 Zazu called me this evening . She had GREAT news :)
Yes, my super heartbreaker cousin has fallen for a male model almost as famous as herself, Done Itwell. Yes! That one! I knew you knew him! Well, thats the  guy. And she seems to be really crazy about  him!
Oh my my my ... She gets so many mails declaring crazy love for her, and now she sighs cause  this guy says, 'hi cutie'  :P
Yeah, i bet . Zazu has always been nuts ... so i dont want to  imagine her crazy dreams hahahaha!

 Dont you think  he seems  worth to meet? :))

AKERUKA  Damien Shaved Light mk1(FASHION FOR LIFE 2012)

elly team.shirt    Anymore Ripper jeans 
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