Friday, March 16, 2012

Sexy girls dont cry

Loulou has told Marlow to go to hell.
She says she is ok, but we dont think so, and  we took her shopping this afternoon to make her feel better.
Sugar Suz took us to one of the stores where she loves to shop... yeah sexy clothing
So we told Loulou, come on girl, no mournings,  show the world you are ready to goooooooooooooooooo

Sugar Suz and K8moss insisted. Loulou was too classic and needed something more ExpLoSiVE.

Though with Sugar Suz the limit is No limit :) 

We all were having a great time ... 


                                        But suddenly ...

All these outfits are part of the I'm a hot star store minihunt at  :.::HOT STUFF::.:  Look for the stars at the store, just 1L each!
SHAPE Siobhan Shape :.::HOT STUFF::.:
SKIN  Skins by Dulce Secrets for the Fity5 Thursday Oriana Bordeaux Skye bikini
EYES  VANITY FLAIR ~VFbyLera~ Sonata Volta - TIme FFLEyes 2012 -Exclusive

The best in pinterest :)