Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lessons in love

Kitty called to tell me Lil' was so disappointed.
Mr Sexy seemed to have a GIRLFRIEND.

Obviously, my ex-science teacher had no idea of Lil's crush. He is like hundred years older than us (though i admit he is sexy) and has to have his own life!

I went to visit her and met MOna there, trying to cheer her up too.

MOna had decided to give Lil' some lessons in how to catch a boy.
It always amazes me how MOna sees herself  :)

But we have to say that Whatever her secret is, she is never alone.

OHH no Crash anymore?
Why? When? What happened?

Hahahahaha Oh my, if intelligence makes her get these cute boys, she probably deserves the NObel prize!!


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