Saturday, March 17, 2012


St Patricks day. We could have so much fun, but Loulou is super sad and we all feel bad about it. So i stay home, with my fashion magazines and very booooooored!

How id love to be somewhere else ...
Somewhere exciting as Paris, looking all elegant...

Ode to miss Peele Fedora hat- tricolour option  HATS by Couture Chapeau

Sabrina sand dress Apple May Designs (AMD)
Watercolor Scarf - Autumn Apple May Designs (AMD)
Savannah Boots Apple May Designs (AMD)

 Or sexy ....
*.JULYs.*   Unisex Leather Pants

But nahhhhhh i have to be here ... booooooored

Wait wait ... Loulou sent a text to the group...

'Hey girls, lets do something
before i die of boooooredom!'


St Patricks outfits 

*.JULYs.*  High Summer Pants with Tank  for Goose&Gander friday

UNIQUE MEGASTORE  Brazilian Woman 11- sexy breasts with freckles . Dream eyes 14  Skin,  Shape, Make up, eyes  by Unique 

The best in pinterest :)