Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HeaVEn, I aM iN hEaVEn

I was searching for the book i needed for my literature homework when i heard a whisper coming from the  books in front of me.
I dont know why we whispered, but i made him come to my side of the shelves. And there we kept whispering cause, oh my!, he had amazing news.
Loulou had asked him if he would mind going to the party with her.

Loulou was NOT recovered, no matter how many times she said she was, all her friends knew it. And someone had to warn Silence.
I tried. But I swear its not easy to tell someone with such a happy face that your best friend could be a bit ...selfish sometimes. Specially if he doesnt want to understand it.

SLC  Mesh Cropped Vest Top Floral white
*.JULYs.*  Ultra Low ripped - lightblue jeans 

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