Thursday, April 26, 2012

I wanna be a movie star

Some news are shocking as earthquakes.  The producers of Derp Daron, the movie based on C.D. Axter's last novel, are looking for ' their actress '.
And they dont want someone already famous, but a completely new, refreshing, different girl

This means ... never ending queuing in front of the studio's office for Loulou and Sugar Suz :P
At the end of the day, they were telling us about the adventure. 
After hours of waiting, they had few more than five minutes to pose in front of a camara while reading some lines. And ' we have your name and phone if we need to call you, thank you for coming '. 
But as Sugar Suz says, you always learn things  and talk to interesting people. They had fun and a new experience. 
And , being very positive, they were very excited thinking they probably shared the queue with future super stars :)

ANNA SHAPES at Flawless  Tallulah Model
AKERUKA  skins Blanca Tan
*SLAVE*  CuteGirl Mesh Dress
Pose by  Eternal Dream    


*.JULYs.*  Double Tank RetroDots mint    :.::HOT STUFF::.:   Stephanya Jean 

GRAFFITIWEAR  White on Red Polka Dot Dot   
*.JULYs.*  Mesh Capri Jeans   CricKeTs  shirt and sneakers
 ~Pepper~  i-pepper Lazy Sunday (i love the little earphones!)


ANNA SHAPES at Flawless Lesli 
AKERUKA  skins Blanca Medium
:.::HOT STUFF::.:  Dance Again Stars  shoes.
Beautiful Dirty Rich  Grace outfit 

AKERUKA  skins Lisa group Gift
Shape  Ample Avi Isabel or Isabel in Market Place
Beautiful Dirty Rich  Back Home (Group Gift April)
Pose by  Eternal Dream    

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