Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sexy & Glamour

The main subject about Marlow's party for Sugar Suz and Loulou was, 'we need to look amazing to beat Missy'. Marlow and Honk were there and the witch would do her best to get them in her (spider) web.
Honk seemed to need time to decide about his relationships. And i didnt know if i should tell MOna about her doubtful bf.
But where was Loulou?  We had planned to arrive a bit late, but if the 'bit' kept going on, the party would end before we crossed the door!
Sugar Suz was born sexy, as she used to say. But Loulou was born elegant. And knowing her bf, she knew she needed a spicy drop on her elegance :)
No, i agree, they didnt have to worry about Missy. But the boys would have to worry about suffering a heart attack!
Yes, i think he likes the dress :))

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Sleeping Koala Yippy Bands
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