Monday, April 23, 2012

Sexy little thing !

Loulou joined us at the IRON HORSE SALOON on sunday.
I have not really seen her much since the Easter festival at school, cause she just has time to be with Marlow.
And he is having a party at his flat and has invited most of the school there, and Loulou seemed to need some help.
So we will go shopping and see what we can find for such a big event :P
Akeruka Blanca skin & shape (Pale)

Akeruka Blanca skin &shape (Natural)
Akeruka Blanca skin &shape (Medium)
Akeruka Blanca skin & shape (Natural)

Blanca skin & shape

SLC Couture Fringe Cocktail Dress

Girls, this is one of the sexiest little things ever!
I wore the scarlett one when working as hostess at the Iron Horse, and people in the audience wanted to tip ...


*.JULYs.* Double Tank - checked  Pink
:.::HOT STUFF::.:   Stephanya  jeans
Sleeping Koala Yippy Bands

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