Wednesday, May 23, 2012


If you go visiting Zazu, look for her at her dressing  room.
Ohhhhh the famous closet-crisis we all have time to time! But when you are a top model, the crisis is even more serious :P

                                       ELEGANT LOOK
 CARISMA: Bloom Dress Lipstick 
 Graffitiwear earrings Abalone Circlets

Graffitiwear Tiger's Eye Circlets
 [Amarelo Manga]
 - Dress Sequins Suelen  

elegant with  fun touch (sexy boots!) ...

HOT STUFFTheresa Lime  dress
Gloden Leather Mesh Boots

      Or lets just be ... SEXY?

HOT STUFF Who's that girl group gift boots 800

 Too funny when she spent a while guessing what kind of jeans could she combine with this t shirt ... No worries, sweety, no one is going to look at your legs ! HAHAHAHAHA
 ROCK ME AMADEUS~ Low tank  & Barbara lingrie

 Vest Mesh - Love you 'SECRETS' at Market Place-
   Urban  girl   Regina Ballets 
JEWELRY  Graffitiwear  Tiger's Eye Circlets 
*.JULYs.*   Scarf - Heart
RMA Barbara lingerie 
PNP  ~ Dressing Room WITH POSES

The best in pinterest :)