Thursday, May 24, 2012

Somebody Help Me!

Derp Daron  - Somebody Help Me!
based on the novel of C.D.Axter

Graue stood under the lights.
It was dinner time and she knew Lorraine, her stepmother, would make a lot of fuss about her being late.
Two days after meeting the weird kid, she had been waiting for something more.
So now she was staying till being sure those lights in the sky had nothing  to do with the kid.

The thing landed just few inches from her body. 
The steam coming out seemed to follow a mechanical breathing rythm. It couldnt be alive. 
But Graue didnt want to see more.
And once again, she ran.
But this time, the robot, the thing, the...whatever,  ran too. And it ran quick.
Graue entered the abandoned house, looking desperately for a place to hide.
But in  a moment , she heard the mechanical breathing .
 It was there again.

The girl slipped inside the nearest room, too scared to think or to pay attention
 to the light buzz in the corner.
Oh my, There was another of those things there.
This one was very tiny, but when it came to her she jumped to the other side of the room.
It began to fly , like a little helicopter going from her to the balcony and back.
Bip bip 
Graue followed it outside. 

Now the helicopter wanted her to climb to the roof
Bip bip - the pipes, climb the pipes
'Yes, im here, but it is coming  after us too!' The thing had entered the room .
Fortunately, it seemed too big to go through the little balcony door.
 But  it inmediatelly began making the door bigger with a ... laser?
Bip Bipbip Bip
Graue saw the ... rope? and didnt stop to think. She just grabbed it and jumped.
And Heli took her away.
                                                                                                                To be continued ...
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