Friday, June 8, 2012

Target lost

Derp Daron- Target Lost
based on the novel of C.D.Axter

The doctor sent Graue to get her bag.
 'The only way to keep you alive is hiding  you. Ill take you away'.
She packed her few things but before she could leave the room, the door opened slowly,
The robots were here.
'Please, dont hurt me!' 
Heli flew to her, with a beep. And the big robot began to talk. 'zzeeeeeeekWe would never hurt you, Princess! We came to rescue you. That is not your doctor, he killed the real one. He is calling his army right now , robots like the one you saw at the village.
His army destroyed your planet and killed your people zzeeeeeeek'.
Graue didnt understand a word, but Heli had saved her once.
She followed him when the little robot began beeping around her.
Like in a nightmare, the real thing inside the doctor showed up
 while using a strange device to ... send a message?
'zzeeeeeeekThis is a teleporter. Jump in, dont be afraid, we are taking you to a safe plazzeeeeeeek'
What else could she do?
But , what is this?  Only two teleporters arrived to the base.
The two robots were there, but ...
 ...  where was Graue?

                                                      TO BE CONTINUED...
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