Friday, July 27, 2012


All my fault. Period.
It was so hot this morning. When Big Boobs Betty called asking for the closest beach to go, and 'please, lets run there!', I thought the beach where my school friends and i go is the closest one, so , i told her, and she called MOna and i called Lil'.
And it was a great idea, cause we were all alone. A wonderful beach for the wonderful mermaids!! (us)

I think it was MOna's idea, and you know, when friends began 'come on, chickens' ...
well, you can do silly things.
But, you know, it was so quiet and peaceful, and no one around... So we decided to go TOPLESS!

Now  you will understand why i said it was my fault.
I chose the  closest beach ... yeah, the closest ... and also my 'other' friends' favorite beach.
I will just tell you i had time to wrap up in my towel.
But Im sure the scene of  'hi , meet my friends'  will follow me forever in my nightmares!
Next time someone asks me if i like surprises I will kick him/her.

All the MESH  bikinis in the post are from SLC

One Piece Bathing Suit + Cover Up Ensemble  
SLC Mesh Bikini Fleur black (top)

Pulchritude - Boho Dress (Aqua)
Calico Ingmann Creations Tamra hair 
.:: Designer Circle ::.
[essencial] Blue Stripped Dress + watch necklace 
GRAFFITIWEAR 4th july jams
KAKIA DESIGNS Board shorts for the RWB Hunt 

The best in pinterest :)