Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being HOT 24/7

Yes, DD, I am angry at Lil', cause she said I can only think about my look . 
But its not that, its just ... I cant help being hot 24/7!
And yes, its true I spend a bit of time caring about my look.
  HOT STUFF at Vanity fair  Lumier Lace Lingerie Black
.:: Designer Circle ::.  PrincessMode - Malevolent Poses 
Since I choose my lingerie ...
And decide about my hairdo...
HOT STUFF at Vanity fair Aphrodite Dress grey

And specially if i have a date,  I need all my attention to choose  my outfits.

And yes, boys have to wait for me, but if they dont think its worth, then they are not worth to stay!
HOT STUFF at Vanity fair Dont Trust me... 
HOT STUFF at Vanity fair Gold&Dark outfit
Please DD, tell Lil' to try to understand. 
 Im a HOT girl, i cant help it!

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