Friday, August 17, 2012

A place to live

Pictures taken at Cedargrove Family Living Community

The pig man invited us to have lunch.
Mom told me to be nice 'please DD, he is dad's cousin'. 
Yes, but he is other things too.
We went to a really gorgeous place. It was a sunny day, and around us, the world was lovely calm. You could hear the voices of kids playing and laughing not so far away. The air smelt like summer. The restaurant looked fantastic .
Yeah, everything perfect BUT him.
Oh yes, he had to spoil everything. Before the lunch began, he opened his big mouth and began talking about his plans.
A family?? With us?? With He was  looking at mom in a way that made me sick.
And mom was a bit shocked, i can tell, but, always kind, she smiled and said oh yes for sure!
Then he said,  its important for me that you like it.
What??? TOO MUCH. So i said yeah, cause we will come JUST TO VISIT YOU, nothing more, nothing less.
Mom blushed and told me to apologize for shouting and being rude.
And i pushed my chair and shouted I AM NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE.
And left the place.
I stayed at the little dock. I was so angry that i didnt noticed the boy sitting by my side, till a little girl appeared and began calling him desperately.
I ran after him to see what was up. The little girl was crying. Oh wow she was so sweet!

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my! Poor little thing. I introduced myself and offered to help looking for the hat.  The boy said i could call him @ and this was his little sis Pixie.
I told her not to cry, probably her mom had already found it home.

Oh my, no mom? Dormitory? I looked at @ about saying oh im sorry, but he smiled and pointed to a nice house. 'We came to live here when our parents died. We had no family. But now we do'.
'Looks like a good place' , i said, and he nodded and smiled again, saying. 'lets find that hat'.
So we walked around...
YEEHAA!! We found it at the litte cafe. Pixie said ,'its hot, i dont want the hat, pleaze DD you keep it for me', and of course i did :)
These kids were amazing, so charming and kind, surviving their lost as good as possible.
Suddenly i felt like holding mom. I would even apologize if she wanted me to.
So i said bye to my new friends and went back to the restaurant.
So not such a bad day, after all.
Mom is not having plans with that man. I got new friends, visited a lovely village ... Oh and believe me, i had the most amazing icecream you can imagine! :))
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