Monday, August 20, 2012

Do boys like big boobs?

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.::BeautyCode::. Skin Jil Latte - Cover Girl & Orange Amber Jewellery
Barely Legal - Why Can't You Be Blue Over Me?

If you wonder why the models have to show  boobs as much as possible in all those ads about clothing, drinks, food... Its just about  S-E-X-Y .

It is so hot today that Loulou, Sugar Suz and I have moved ... to the pool.
Yes, in fact its a lot of philosophy about relationships between men and women, what they share and dont share, why they feel attracted by the other sex...

But for exemple, look who just arrived ...
Oh my sometimes Loulou deserves a big spank.
And I AGREE, Silence is getting more cute  :) Little flea? Awwwwwwww
And if boobs are important, some girls take special care of them .
HAHAHAHA Nice lesson! Didnt they say Umami isnt sexy? Well, if we talk about S-E-X-Y, lets see if they can beat MOna and BigBoobsBetty ! :))
SLC  String bikini mesh

::Designer Circle::.
PINK CHERRY  Bikini Beach Babe

HOT STUFF Bikini Dollarbie
Board shorts 

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