Sunday, August 12, 2012

It had to be you

It was meant to be.

Both shy and kind.

Both good looking.
Both amazing dancers.
Silence is falling for Umami (and she is already crazy for him).

I think its

Silence is my best male friend at school for    sure, and I have got to love Umami cause she is the sweetest and funniest girl.
I know Loulou is kind of jealous, though she should be proud of having a bf who has lots of fans ...

But i also know this is  just cause Loulou needs to be the center of the world, in her bf's words... the cat's meow :))
::Designer Circle::.
Graffitiwear White on Red Polka Dot Dot

But what i didnt suspect is this love story has another 'enemy'!
Secrets Leather jacket with shirt

And i wonder why ...

{:ThirteenTH:}  Kind of a Big Deal Outfit
::Designer Circle::. 
Barely legal Back in black
Kennedy's "Strutters"

[ L3S ]  Catrina Ostrich Purple Mesh
::Designer Circle::. 
!!Calico Ingmann Creations!! April hair

[ L3S ] Suit Leather mesh
[ L3S ] Satan Claws shoes

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