Monday, August 13, 2012

Let me tell you something...

When having lunch, i told mom 'her wonderful End' was acting as an idiot interferring his grandson's first love, and she wanted to tell me something about it.

End met Elisa on her 30th birthday. He was 19, but he fell for her almost at hello. After a week, he moved to her flat.
She worked as war correspondent. She was absolutely fascinating. End had just arrived , hired after winning the tv's photography contest. They both were young, daring , famous.
After one year of being together, Elisa took End to their fav indian restaurant and told him something.
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He was shocked. He was 20 year old. He told her she was nuts, he didnt want to be a dad, he couldnt be a dad. And she couldnt be a mom, she was always travelling, who would take care of the baby. Not him!
Elisa left the flat.  Next time he saw her was to give his consent to put his name in the baby's documents.
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And fifteen years later, a teenager appeared at his door saying

Ben was a nice boy. Easygoing, handsome, charming. The word popular seemed to belong to him. 'He was exactly like her mom'.

Elisa had died a couple of months ago. She had been sick for some time, and prepared the boy for the future.

End and Ben got along without problems. They were good roomates. End never tried to put limits, to set rules.

Along the next year, Ben got a classmate pregnant. He was 16, End become a 35 year old grandad. The young couple and their baby came to live with him.

One year later, Ben and his little wife died in a car crash while playing races with friends.
The girl's family blamed it on Ben, and didnt want to know anything about the baby.
And End took care of his grandson, Silence.
I dont think End has to worry. And anyway, I will be on Silence and Umami's side, whatever his opinion is!
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