Monday, August 27, 2012

Stop it girls!

You know i dont like drama. I usually do my best to avoid my friends arguing.
But Im really angry at Loulou.
Today was 'the race'. The boys ran theirs, and Marlow almost won ( Goth beat him for about ... 1 hour? hahahahaha) We watch them while waiting for our turn.
Silence was doing a good race as Sugar Suz didnt stop remarking ... as well as other things.
What? If it was a joke, they better stopped, cause i doubted Umami could think it was funny.
But of course, Sugar Suz's mouth is too big.
I dont know if Umami cared too much. We had to hurry for the race.
No one of us won ... not even got close to good positions.
Then we went for a drink.

Boring? So while everybody walked to the bar, we stayed and TALKED.
I told her she was acting stupid since Silence and Umami were together, and she was so angry  that Sugar Suz had to jump in the middle of us, cause we were about ' shaking ' eachother.
Im home waiting for her to call me. If i do, it will seem she is right, and she is not.
After being so ... unkind, using Silence's love to get Marlow back, she should BEHAVE, shouldnt she?
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