Wednesday, August 29, 2012

YES I do! (Both)

Loulou and I have not made peaces yet.
I know her and i really dont mind when she ignores me, cause she is just hurt and acting difficult.

Oh yes, go and RULE whatever you want, silly :P ... but then i heard Umami  at my back. 

Why? Umami said she was worried about the school party. And about other things too.

No 'buts', i told her, you are beautiful, sweet, and he is crazy for you.
She is a brave little thing, though.
Cause that evening, she called Silence, asking him to meet for a cup of  hot coco after dinner  :)

And she asked him about  his love for the super sexy-beautiful Loulou.

Graffitiwear Beaded Top

 Navy Shredded Tank Dress

[Amarelo Manga]
Zuzu pumps and handbag
[JB] Juicy Box
 Mecha Tattoo
Quilted Leather Outfit 
:.::Hot Stuff::. Phoebe
:.::Hot Stuff::.: Clodette
Zuzu Pumps  & Handbag

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