Friday, August 3, 2012

You are safe now

Derp Daron - You are safe now

Based on the novel of C.D.Axter
Forty-eight hours of search. A silent, almost secret wandering through the galaxy, cause they couldnt  risk letting the evil army know she was out there on her own.
.<.<.<.<..<.<<.<.<.<.<.>:>:>::>Robotic language translation:>:>::>:>:>:>::>:>:>:>:>::>:>::>:>
'She has to be somewhere in this galaxy, but where? ----- She will bE feeliNg liKe a StRaNger in The niGht---- Zeeeeek - I bet she needs a shower- zeeek ------ Anddd I wonddder what she has eaten these dddays------- Beep beeep We will find her, lets go' 

 They were about leaving when the girl appeared. After forty-eight hours alone, Graue saw the big robot and felt like crying.
'Zeek' , she whispered. But other robots were there...  Then she noticed Heli flying around , and she ran to them.
'Guys!' she said, ' I never thought seeing you again would make me feel so happy'

They could have noticed the shadow, but they didnt.
Graue didnt want to follow them, 'I have questions and I
want answers', she said, and kept them busy till they
convinced her to board.
And no one  noticed the spaceship following, first close, then in the distance,
while they messed around their guest, trying to make her feel comfortable, repeating again and again
'you are safe now'.


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Graue's outfit                                                                                            
[ L3S ] Morly boots
*.JULYs.* Mini Skirt 
::Poised::  Zoey Mesh Patterns sheer tank white


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