Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let it rain

Music for the postI wish it would rain- The Faces

' Marlow. this is DD, how are you? '
' Oh, hi sweety. Im ok, ty. You ?'
' Fine ... Hey, its raining so hard! Silence, Umami, the twins and i are going to the movies, wanna...? '
' Oh, nice, hun, but I have things to do, ty. See you tomorrow at school, okie? '
' Things? But Marlow... its raining and... '
' Let it rain, DD. Just let it rain '

OPOPOP Chu-Hai V2.3 in Red // Mask & Scarf  with resizer hud
.:scrts:.  Knitted cardigan
(look for this one on the floor... PROMO 1L !)

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