Monday, September 10, 2012

Topless races

We felt bad cause we shouldnt have been there.
XYROOM Frozen - Guitar Poses (guitar included)
But we wanted to ask Miss Beatrice ( the PRINCIPAL)  or Mr Book (the director of studies) for permission to use the gym for our music band rehearsals.

We were having a lot of fun with some old guitars and Marlow was quite a good singer, and Umami and I were sent by the rest of the group to talk with the bosses cause 'we look sweet'. And we were in the waiting room when the voices got a big louder...
XYROOM  FROSTING!! Ranger shape
Eternal Dream Blanket pose
Akeruka KAL V2 SKIN
OPOPOP Uppercut in blue // Mesh Baggy
*.JULYs.*  Summer Special Glasses 
Mr Book and Miss Beatrice were talking about someone. She said she had been forced to admit the girl, but she would give her this only chance. 'The moment she doesnt behave, she is out', and Mr Book assured everything would be ok.
So, this has to be about his sister, Ree...
And ... topless races? HAHAHAHAHA

XYROOM ::Envyme:: Mesh top and color shorts
.:cheeky:. Shorty Ruffles Skirt dotted Black *Mesh
-{ViSion} -S&F -Cardigan -MESH -Burgundy

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