Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What have you done, girl?

The old wharehouse is not the most stylish place in the world, but at least we can make some noise without the usual soundtrack of family and neighbours complaining.
I had been waiting for a while when Loulou arrived, and told me she was afraid the rehearsal was cancelled.
She seemed completely calm, and i couldnt help but worrying about Marlow. I wanted to know what had happened to make her decide to leave him so coldly.
But before i could ask, Umami and K8 were at the door, joking happily about who had won the race they took from the corner, who was best guitar player, who would get more fans... Till they noticed something was wrong.
We all were telling her to think it twice, to call him before things were any further... But Sugar Suz arrived and told us to stop bawling
Suddenly, Loulou began shouting ENOUGH!!!!! She was really angry, her hairdo falling on her shoulders, her cheeks full of tears, shouting we better STOP IT OR I WILL NEVER TALK TO ANY OF YOU AGAIN!!
She WONT be fine, thats silly. And what about Marlow?

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