Friday, March 22, 2013

Learn to swim

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Wispagold and Mr Book are in love.
We (Ree's friends) know we have to keep it secret, to avoid the magazines ' attack. But thats not a problem, and on the other hand she is such a nice person, so fun and natural, always friendly and helpful.
Wispagold had got tickets for us , so we could go to  the Learn to swim show, one of those tv contests full of famous people, and Ree and Marlow went for them.
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They met the new babysitter. She was a very nice girl, but ... something was going wrong.
Big Mac. as Marlow called the baby, used to inmediately relax when he was in Marlow's arms. But not this time.
So something had to be done.

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So, no Learning to swim show, cause they ran to the hospital.
But the babysitter called Wispagold saying a couple of crazy kids had kidnapped her baby and and...
(more later)
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