Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ill take care of you

When she got the babysitter's call, Wispagold left the show she was performing and ran to the hospital.
But Mac was feeling much better!
The doctor explained that her kid had suffered something called intussusception, a very painful medical condition involving the intestine, that produces a lot of cramps to the baby.
Luckly, it had been resolved before it could result in severe compliacations thanks to the quick intervention of Marlow and Ree.

Awww i love happy endings. Umami and I called Ree, and we went for a drink and listened to her story.

Acid Lily .:SS:.Smokers jacket
+HUHU+ SALES!!!!! Classic pants
Skinny mesh jeans and male long sleeve loose
even.flow Spring Is Near Hunt Prize
Elephante Poses  One Pure Thought
::Designer Circle::. .::PiNK CHERRY::. White Wing Earrings

Loordes of London  - for secret wednesdayThe District-Coral
Spring Hate GACHA ZC Sinister Chucks red 
GOOCCI GOO Plaid boy outfit
Acid Lily 
*MishMish* Shrubbles Plushie

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