Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who doesnt like bunnies?

Some weekends, Ree goes to visit her grandad.
He is a nice gentleman who took care of her and his bro Mr Book when their parents die.
Ree doesnt like much to go for these visits cause she feels lonely and bored in the old family house.
Furniture: StoraxTree
Her grandad leaves the house very early to meet some old businessmen like him. Ree doesnt like to talk about it, but vaguely admits he is quite rich.
And he did his best, but he was not one of those men who shows how he loves you. Maybe that made little Ree feel there (in Umami's poetic words) like and abandoned teddy bear...
If you ask her about  what she does when she goes there, she will tell you, she has lonely meals...
Furniture: StoraxTree 

... does her homework and plays in the computer...

Furniture: [Park Place]
Yeah, i agree, if i were her, i wouldnt like to go to see my grandad for a whole weekend either
But on sunday afternoon, Marlow called.
StoraxTree Antique carved pannels dresser
[Park Place]Artwork - Green Winged Teal
Elephante Poses for the Pose fair beginning march 29th Call me maybe set

Elephante Poses for the Pose fair beginning march 29th Call me maybe set

Furniture: StoraxTree
Curtains, estate bistro w/cover &sits w/poses and props, rug , ceiling light
Furniture: StoraxTree
Bed w/poses, bedside tables, pannels dresser w/mirror, chandelier ornate 
[Park Place]Redwood Settee w/poses & , table Set
GOOCCI GOO Bluebunny boy with ears
[[ Masoom ]] for the Black Market
 Eboni outfit
Forbidden Closet begins march 25th!
.::Pink Sugah::. Sugah Bunnies
1 Hundred. for Bewbapalooza  Summer Sweater
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 
 Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3 
Pomposity - Misty Rainbow Set
Koko's Closet Lingerie Group gift - wear your tag!
Elephante Poses for the Pose fair beginning march 29th Hide And Seek set
SOUR PICKLES Forbidden Mini Plaids Beethoven
1 Hundred for Bewbapalooza  Summer Sweater
Loordes of London@SALES The Candy Collection-Pumps

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