Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rainy in my heart

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I rather liked it before, when BF had no internet in the sea platform.
Now the team is in a village in the coast and he sends news almost daily. And pictures.
Today was about the rain. They went to visit the nearest city, and the rain caught them.

NO. Its NOT that they were alone, BF and this girl, but somehow, it seemed so, it seems like he is having always so much fun with her.
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So lots of pics of his friends. And soooooooooooooo funny cause they got all soaked and Valery had to buy a coat to change her clothing.
Ha Ha Ha. Lovely

Yeah, all his team in the pics. But something has broken my heart so much.
Its not only thinking of the times BF cuddled me while the rain poured somewhere outside.
That would be bad enough, but i may not be so sad if i hadnt noticed something  in one of the pictures.
Watch .... do you see it?
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Yeah. The boots.
Stuff in Stock
BF and Valery are wearing same boots.

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