Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sexy and Spicy and Fashion

So we need a very good idea to win the DARE-U photography contest.
Umi suggested a picture showing 'lots of love with a touch of naughtiness'. It could be called  'Play with me!', and could look like this
PURE Sales
::Enchanted Ink:: [Matte Lipstick] 
Corvus : White Wings Shirt 
Praxis - Xstacy Capris Blue 
The Chapter Four 
ASO! Painting Make up Gacha 
EYELURE Kicks Tennies
Of course we cant please everybody...
PURE Sales
Corvus : White Wings Shirt 
Praxis - Xstacy Capris Blue 
EYELURE Kicks Tennies
Awwww she is too sweet, thats true! But these girls, Loulou and Sugar Suz can be really stupid when they play the femme fatale. Yeah, they think they are damn sexy (yeah and they are!)

Sugar Suz proposed something mysterious and dangerous, something like...
The night will find me here
*So&So Design*
Black glasses Dark
.:TBO:. Elisabeth - gothic outfit***
Ree hates when they make fun of Umami too, though she doesnt need many reasons to argue with Loulou :)
Toxic High-- Hunt Gift [Girls] Hot For Teacher Hunt
Loulou said the picture needed to be HOT to have any chance to win.
Toxic High-- Hunt Gift [Girls] Hot For Teacher Hunt 
Cause yes, she knew ALL about fashion :P She said best models always mix beauty and sex-appeal.
Sugar & Cyanide Madchen outfit  and Ashlee skin
Oh and of course... kisses and so on... as much 'so on' as possible, to make it spicy.
OPOPOP Pagrim in Yellow // Mesh Short 
!BaaaH! Male shape Sten
OPOPOP   Jango mesh jeans male 
Sugar & Cyanide Ashlee skin
PURE Sales Q FACTOR Q Fever - Mens Hooded Top
{*BBSA*} FyreHeart Set ~Flames~ 
Abbie hair
While Loulou was explaining her idea, Ree whispered to Umami and I that she was sure Loulou carried a bit of mistletoe in her bag, cause she was desperate to be kissed hahahahahaha

So we were not really paying attention till we heard her saying the key word
*-*-*  NAKED *-*-*

cause what she was proposing was something like...
TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Leg Melodrama Bird 
Waist Jewelry 
My mouth was open wide  in surprise, and before i could say OMG! i heard Ree saying the only way Loulou could have a pic of  Marlow kissing her or being sexy with her was ...
Jamman Jewels & Accessories Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails
and Umami began laughing so hard we needed to find a toilet

The best in pinterest :)