Thursday, October 3, 2013

And that same evening

The night of Umami's nightmare, Loulou had a bad argument with her bf on the mobile.
He called to tell her about a work he had got with Electric Candy, one of the most popular teen models.
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And Loulou didnt like it.
At all.
EYELURE CropOff  Tee   - Lace skirt
Yes, she was so angry she told him she didnt want to see him. Never again.

EYELURE  CropOff  Tee  -  Kicks tennis - Lace skirt
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Sugar Suz told us to be patient cause she was really in a terrible mood. This was the moment of the black out in the house,  and we had to go to bed in the dark, and, i have to admit it , i forgot completely about Loulou and her bf, but... (to be continued)
::Designer Circle::.
PrincessMode - Wrath Poses 
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