Friday, October 4, 2013

Rainy night in the forest

Yeah, it was crazy to go out. It was not only  dark. It was raining. And it was 4 am.
But Umami insisted it sounded like a little kid crying, and, well, Silence and I were hearing the noise too.
So we got dressed to go and investigate.
Ree appeared asking what was up, and said she was coming too. And Loulou and Sugar Suz, who had been up, talking about Loulou's bf, ran to get dressed and came too.
Loulou was angry cause his top model boyfriend was working with beautiful models, (no comments),

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and kept talking about it, so tiring, we ran into the forest to not listen to her hahahaha
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It was difficult to follow the noise, cause it seemed to move. Can you imagine us? In the darkness of the rainy night, and in the middle of a scary forest. It fet  like something could happen any moment... nothing good i mean.
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Soon we had thunders and lightnings, the good thing is that made Loulou shut up :)

Umami was about telling Silence to leave it , but too late, he had gone closer to the old cemetery.

Loulou and Sugar Suz ran back home screaming like crazy chickens, and Umami, Ree and I held eachother and caught our breath, to see IT.
Awwwwwwwwwwwww i love the IT!

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