Saturday, October 5, 2013

The scissors, please

Next day...It kept raining and raining. We went to the town but couldnt even have a walk.
In the afternoon,  as the ligths worked again,  we could  watch an old movie in a really old tv, but it was sooo boring!
FASHION WARDROBE [dirty.little.secret] Early Fall Collection 

Umami took the cat home, and called her Bijin, though Loulou proposed to call her Horror (they argued about it really bad).

Loulou got several calls from her boyfriend, but she didnt take them. She wasnt in the best of moods.

Trend had been working with people as famous as Graue, the actress, and I was sure he was not going to renounce to his career because of Loulou's jealousy.

TOTAL ANARCHY ~PixyStix~ Stockings  and half tee 
PURE Sales Xen's Hats  Dibble black leather

Designer Showcase 
Loordes of London
Chashme dress  
Loordes of London
cambridge pumps

StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture 
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Loordes of London-Chennai Handbag 
Loordes of London Cambridge Pumps 
THE FASHION STORIE FAIR[LG] K Collection Smells Like Teen Spirit Dress
There was a movie theater in Pumpkin Town, and we planned to go there for dinner and check it.

I was ready, while the girls were still deciding what to wear.
Loordes of London -Cambridge Pumps 
PURE Sales Sofie's Selection Mesh V-neck Dress Leather 
Cosmo Sales Sup poses  Scary Movie couch w/p
I sat on the couch, and i think i  was dozing when a sudden knock knock came into my dream... and Loulou's voice too...
PURE Sales Sofie's Selection Mesh V-neck Dress Leather
Cosmo Sales Sup poses  Creepy TV and  Scary Movie couch w/p
OH my! Its true Loulou was unbearable with her talking about the boyfriend, but not to the point of cutting her tongue!
Cosmo Sales Sup poses  Creepy TV 
TOTAL ANARCHY The Little Bat  Dont Speak 
MM5 Rock! -Now or Never T-Shirt- Mesh Woman
I woke up with a scream to find our angry bird looking at me.
+HUHU+ skinny jeans 
MM5 Rock! -Now or Never T-Shirt- Mesh Woman
Yeah... who can give me the scissors please? :P

Oh nooo, poor Trend, he came to the end of the world for her, and she says NO ONE? Quick, the scissors!

[M.O.W] Londonist Jeans and Q2 Sweater 
Sup Poses Kent skin and shape
Besieged for the Cirque du Freak Hunt
Freaky Sneakers

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