Thursday, March 6, 2014

I need a hero

A noise woke me up. Or a shadow on my bed. Or whatever, but i woke up.
I stayed still, not daring to take a deep breath, and just listened.
Too much nothing...such a deep silence!
EYELURE  Yoga Pant  and Luv top
TAMELESS Sapphire hair

And then i heard again the rumour that had woken me up. Steps outside my window. Ok, if someone was outside was not inside, i told myself.
But, what  if they were trying to get in? Or stealing Marlow's van?
So I moved slowly and get out of bed. But now what?

Oh yes. Rum was up on the roof bed. So I climbed the ladder.
It took a bit to wake him up, but when he did, he acted like a proper hero. Well, sort of.

Rum is a couple of years older than me... but of course more less mature...

But finally we both went down stairs... (to be continued)
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