Thursday, March 6, 2014

The boy can cook

We didnt find anything in the yard, and it was too dark to investigate much further.
But next morning, we told our friends about our big adventure.
Ree said we should have called our super ninja girl, but Umami said we had been amazing defending the house, and said i was the super girl.
Soundsation Fashion Event RD Style   Outfit Kawaii 
Boyfriend Tee  - Shamrock LS Shirt
 Yoga pants
Rum, who was cooking an incredible breakfast , added we were like the new avengers.
' Lets see... DD is Supergirl, Ree Super sexy, Umami Super ninja...'
We heard Marlow from the bathroom, 'and you should be Supersmoked, mate',  making us laugh to tears.
OPOPOP Amayuki Mesh Jacket and Jango jeans
Silence arrived , kissed Umi, said hello and sat with a coffee.
::Designer Circle::. E-Clipse Morbio - shorts and cardigan
Loordes of London L'Experience Haute boots
HEYDRA  Drake Sweater
 StoraxTree Furniture and deco Small Bushel of Apples E
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