Saturday, May 24, 2014

The kids of the pier

The boy in the frame - Chapter 2 
The kids of the pier
Dappers &Darlings  - toodleedoo complete outfits
OMG {W&R} Bat Hairclips
Label Motion poses
My sis and I went this morning to the market. Granny was shopping and my sis and I asked her if we could go to our fav place: the space station! We call it that cause... there is a rocket!
Well... its noooooot a rocket, its a plane, but sissy says it looks like a rocket. And we love it, anyway, sissy can spent hours there, just watching it!

But today sissy ran there and i had the balloon and couldnt run so fast and and ... I dont know where she went, but when i got to the rocket, she werent there. 
So i looked for her, and couldnt find her and went out again, looking for granny but she wasnt there either! It was so weird. It was so silent. Suddenly, the place was all empty...
Then the kids of the pier appeared.
THE PIER MARKET  Dappers & Darlings - toodleedoo complete outfits
{NanTra} poses + Juxtapose
They told me to run, and showed me the photobox, and told me to hide here ...
Apple Fall{sa} Photo Booth w/poses
... and im hidding here, but i dont know why and i just want sissy back!!

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