Saturday, May 24, 2014

My boyfriend got bald

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And you probably will wonder why im staying home and not out there, shopping with my friends to find the best dress ever for the graduation party.

Its just i dont feel like shopping, cause i am afraid im not going to the party.

You know BF got a new job. Now he is working for a petroleum company, exploring the jungle to be sure the new platform wont destroy any ecosystem.
Today i got mail from him with a picture.... and he looks so... different! Gosh, he has shaved his head! And he didnt even ask me what i would think of that!

What if i dont want a BALD bf??
I know  i know, its silly, and he looks great without his long golden hair, but, its like if he didnt care about my opinion anymore!

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I feel sad and lonely and worried, cause i have asked him if he will be back on time for the prom party and he has not answered me yet.
If i have to go alone, I AM NOT GOING.
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