Friday, May 16, 2014

The Puppet (the movie's abstract)

Becky 's life isnt bad. She is a nice girl a bit lost in her own world, while time goes by slowly and calm at a snails' pace.
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Yes, Becky is a nice girl, a bit shy. People at school like her... but she has never made close friends with any of the girls or boys of her class.
You see, she is not one of those super popular girls, and actually, boys doesnt pay attention to her.
But Becky's imagination can turn the garden...
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...into the craziest, most magic world ever. And she keeps living on her own, with her fantasies and her hobbies.
Cause Becky  is happy  making puppets and performing little plays with them,
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...or painting in the garden... No, Becky has never worried about being popular,
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To make a long story short, its a teens movie, the popular girl, the more handsome boy, the nice teacher and the bad one...
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The school ends with a big party. Every boy asks a girl to come, ... but no one asks Becky.
Of course, she has a crush ... the sexiest boy in the school, but she thinks she will never get him, he is going to ask the super sexiest girl of the school...
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Becky's grandma tells her she has to try, and she wears nice and goes to ask him... naaaaaaaaaaaah, she didnt dare. But has he noticed it? Why does he always joke with her and is kind to her? awwww
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For the first time, Becky feels life doesnt seem to count on her.
And the day of the party she stays home, sooo depressed, alone with her puppets...
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She wears her party dress and watches herself on the mirror... very nice and very sad....And then... One sec.. what is that??
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WOOT the puppet comes to life!
The scenes of her dancing with the puppet are awesome!
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Then then ... oh no, it was a dream, she wakes up... alone...
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But you know what? The sexy boy has trashed the sexy girl cause he suddenly understood his real love is....
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YAY!!!!!! Nice uh? But i was very sad thinking, will Bf be back to come with me to the prom party... or will I have to get myself a puppet too?

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