Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spying on my cousin

I was the first one who suspected something was going on at the beach club.
But i have been young too, so i decided to keep my mouth shut.. but investigate what was happening (omg Im not 18 yet and my cousin makes me old!)
Cause, be honest girls, who wears so super fashion to go to sunbath with her best friend?
FabFree B!ASTA :GOOD GIRL: outfit
::Designer Circle::.
-{ZOZ}- Bella Wedge Candy (slink high) 
Baubles! by Phe FringeSet 
Icons of Style Wall w/poses
Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe Kalaoa sunglasses
I saw Fly this morning. She was in a hurry, cause she was late to her class at the beach club.
{NanTra} Poses
I didnt know she was taking any course there, and i asked Umami (her mom is member of the beach club) if we could go and see what my cousin was doing.
Then i called Ree, and before she could open her mouth i apologized about our fight. She said it was her fault cause she was an idiot and asked me how it felt to be drunk as a sailor for the first time hahahahaha
Black Dot Project  Loordes of London
Lucci tank
Sondrio jeans
THE PIER MARKET Loordes of London Land's End Clogs
Pose chair Morphine
 So, feeling super happy, my friends and I went to SPY ON Fly.

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