Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time to do something

Royal Intentions Pose gift
Dress June Group Gift
Hibiscus Wedge for Slink Mid
Yes, as i told you yesterday, Im really annoyed.
This girl, Rum's gf, has a way to go around him, 'now i love you now i dont', that makes him very unhappy.

{Imeka~} Poses

We have 'adopted' Rum as part of our group, and now we are following this bad romance and trying to help him.

I saw Ree this afternoon. She thought the girl had been using Rum to make another guy jealous...yeah, not nice at all.

Ay... You better get ready...Ree can be dangerous when she decides its time 'to do something'!
The Candy factory *ToXiC*H* Maxi Brown With Top With Appliers
Tuty poses

( M ) Mystery  Golden & Aztec for Slink Mid Feet
[-STATIC-] Bell Bottom Jeans 
EYELURE Loose Halter
Ma Vie - Poses

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