Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween nightmare

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I think its time to tell you about the night of the nightmare. 
It was last saturday, with all the mess we had at the flat, with the dog, the guests and the menace of madame la concierge over us.

It was one of those silly dreams, but a happy one, cause i was a fairy and was flying in a very nice place...

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Then Loulou decided to come to visit me in my dreams :)
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And the thing is, you know Loulou, she has to be the center even in dreams, so she suddenly got grumpy at me and began telling me i was not a fairy and i shouldnt be flying around as a disgusting fat fly. So i told her to leave me alone and she got more angry.
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***GIULIADESIGN*** CLAUDIA beige complete outfit
'You dont like me cause i look much better than you!', she shouted. Woot, she looked scary now, and i suddenly realized i had lost my fairy outfit and i was wearing like if i was going to the beach... But when I looked around, the place had changed into something s-c-a-r-y,
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 and when i turned  to her...
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(to be continued)

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