Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How do you know if she is a witch?

Ree caught us in the middle of our chat about Rum and /or Bf, and, as I already knew, she insisted on my kicking Bf  and to get ready  to see what romantic surprises life was ready to bring.
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'But even if following your advice', i told her, 'he has that girlfriend, the princess'.

'Yeah, but she is a witch, just using him at will and making him very unhappy'.
Ree said the princess was one of those girls who look so good and can fake the I-am-a-lady personality sooo well...
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'But scratch her skin a bit, and the witch will appear in all her glory'

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And, believe me, I agree. But he seems always ready to run to her when she calls him... so, what if he likes witches ?

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