Monday, September 29, 2014

Do you like him enough to leave your bf?

My friends and I have chosen the kitchen as the meeting point at the flat. It has not been a premeditated fact, but I think we feel very comfortable there, and we have long chats while doing chores.
So i was ironing while talking about Rum and his asking how things were going with Bf, and Umi was cooking dinner.
MUTE Affliction 2
StoraxTree  Southern Flavour Kitchen Wall Shelf A
=Fashiowl Poses=
::Designer Circle::.
AW Coll_Outfit #14
Impele poses
She had arrived a while ago, a bit worried about her schedule, wow studying Medicine is going to be really hard...

And i took the chance to tell her all about the story before Ree was there.

I adore Ree, but she is a bit too much when talking about boys, and I dont think i really need someone pushing me to do things that i may regret doing.

And Umi is so clever and also, I know i can trust her common sense.

::Designer Circle::.
AW Coll_Outfit #14
Do I?
Girl in the poster:
Yobasha for The Wash  Skirt and corset
TAMELESS Taya hair

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