Sunday, September 28, 2014

What about your boyfriend?

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The night of the nightmare, I couldnt come back to sleep. I decided to read for a while but i dont have a table light in my still-under-construction bedroom. Rum was sleeping in the living room, and I went to the kitchen to not disturb anybody.

Stupid dream... Me being a fairy... Loulou becoming a horrible skeleton coming after me... Maybe it was about all my new life at the campus, my illusions and my worries...

The door opened and Rum appeared, rubbing his eyes.
Rum said it was a family tradition to have hot choc when you had a nightmare and insisted on prepare some. And he wanted to know all about the nightmare, making me laugh with his interest.
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(Furniture w/pose)
(Furniture w/pose)
We sat with the choc and talked, low voice to not wake up the others, about his family and mine.
He had an older brother, his mom was a housewife and his dad was a businessman (he didnt say but i got the impression they were quite wealthy).
HEYDRA Jayden pants
(Furniture w/pose)

In a few we  were having some problems to not laugh too loud.

Next day he and Silence were back to town.
We talked about the weekend. We had spent most of it together, cause the 'couples' were too busy (sex busy... but we didnt comment on that).
I told him i was really glad he had come to visit, and he said he was glad he did.
That was when he asked about Bf.

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Yeah, what about Bf? Two days ago, he had sent a short mail  from a Peruvian airport before boarding a flight to somewhere in the jungle, saying he was ok and he was not going to be in touch for several weeks. Since then, no news.

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So i told Rum my Bf was in the jungle. 
'Wow, like Tarzan?', he said, and I said, yeah, something like that. And then i asked, 'and what about your 'Jane', the princess?'

'She is not my Jane, she just comes and goes, picks me and trashes me at will'.

'You deserve better than that', I couldnt help but saying.

He smiled, and was about answering, when  Marlow appeared saying he had heard us whispering in the kitchen and anything related to kitchens made him terribly hungry.
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After eating some (lots of) cookies, we all went back to bed.

Ok, now, what do you think, girls? He asked about my bf, does it mean... something?

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