Saturday, October 18, 2014

Babysitting my sister

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Smesh ~ Exclusive Double Jacket & Leggings 
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The girls and I are fed up of living surrounded by boxes.
Silence is out on a trip, and Umami said we could  stay at the flat this weekend, and begin decorating buying some furniture in the yard sales of the neighbourhood.
(In fact, since she got the barre for her ballet exercises in one of those yards,  she loves them.)
DragonLady's Closet at Flawless Mia in pale pink
Vanity Poses - So I Dance

Marlow had to work on saturday (he's got a job to help paying his studies) but he told Ree we could use his van, and if we needed help for some heavy stuff, he would be free around five.
:jazzitude mens: Chefs Costume for the Boo! Bunny hunt
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But friday night mom called to ask me if i was coming for the weekend.
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SLC Mesh Jacket with Dress Gabriele 
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'If you are not busy i would need you to babysit ZsiZsi, hunny. I have an emergency business trip and End will be out till sunday too'. Ugh, But i said ok, and mom told me End wanted to pay me some money for my work. We need money really bad for our deco, and i thought it was not a bad deal.

Im so worried about Bf coming next week, that i really dont feel like shopping and decorating.
Moose Clothing  T Shirt Sir
A peaceful weekend with little ZsiZsi sounds like a nice option.
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