Sunday, October 19, 2014

So I am home for the weekend...

So i am home this weekend, alone with ZsiZsi. Mom said she was sorry and so glad that i could do it, cause mom didnt want to leave her with someone the baby didnt know.
I said it was ok, but girls, its better than ok, cause i cant think of anything sweetest than my little sis shouting 'DD!!!!!' while running to me, looking so happy to see me!
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 Erm.. well, maybe i can, cause I was preparing ZsiZsi's breakfast when Rum called.
He just wanted to say hello, cause he thought i was at the campus, and when i told him i was home, he seemed so truly glad that i almost could see him running to me shouting DD! :)
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Awwww so sweet!
I had planned to take my time, during this lonely weekend, to think of Bf and what he probably wanted to talk during his next visit. 
But when Rum said he was ending some work, and what if he picked us up after lunch to go to the Halloween fair at the park, I couldnt say no.
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So there we went. ZsiZsi knows Rum (she calls him Gum). She was so happy she was 'talking' her baby words uh uh and ga ga like crazy.

The fair was not big, but it was fun to walk around.

And when we found the sheep-horse, and ZsiZsi screamed of joy, I let her ride it... hoping everything would be ok as the owner said.
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Woot... Of course Rum and I decided to try, it seemed so easy... but i wont talk about it.
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Bounce This poses Giddy up

Oh my, too funny!!
Then we went to buy some chips and suddenly, in the store, ZsiZsi began crying.
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OMG. Her favorite toy, Mr Ken, the bunny! I had forgotten it and she had suddenly missed him. She was desolated. Rum said we could try with another toy, and he ran to look for someting nice...
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Oh, i loved it, but my sister cried even more. Then we took her to the store to see if she could find something she liked.
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And finally she fell for Mr Teeth... ok, it was cute but juts another style :)
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Rum asked me about going to the movies later, but I told him I was a 24h babysitter, though... There was a horror movie on tv, would he like to come home and watch it while I took care of my sis?
Yes, he would.
(more later)
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