Monday, October 6, 2014

Some ideas for the Halloween

Fresh Style  *{Kiko  Life}* 
Ombre - Lip Gloss - Sweet Kisses 
Extreme lashes

Well, as I told you, we went home for the weekend.
One of our targets was to decide what to wear for the campus  Halloween party.

So we went shopping... we never feel lazy about that :)

Le Poppycock- poses
The Candy Shop Mute. Heart Tank
Fresh Style  *{Kiko  Life}* Ombre - Lip Gloss - Sweet Kisses Extreme lashes
HEYDRA Kate Jeans w/HUD
I am thinking about wearing something fun and sexy, but also sweet.
SLC Mesh Dark Heart Queen Halloween Costume
{NanTra} Poses
Ree wants something magic and scary. And of course she will look sexy whatever she chooses.
TAMELESS Hocus Pocus Green Outfit
Y&R pose
And Umami... Woot, this girl rocks! :)
DM poses 
Mute for Dark Twisted Fantasy Witchery
Fresh Style  *{Kiko  Life}*  Unburnable: Paint It Black

And after shopping, we met our friends at the cinema, to see the movie everybody talks about, 'Something in the basement'. 
(to be continued)

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