Sunday, October 5, 2014

Something in the basement (Dont go downstairs!)- part I

'Hunnie, let Corine sleep and come here. Its bedtime!'
TOTSIPOP! TOT baby mesh avatar and  Baby clothing Bunny Foo Foo
StoraxTree Furniture
EMMEPOSE My Little Bunny
'Ohhh , mom will be very happy when i tell her what a good girl you are!'

'Ugh, so good the little freak went to bed without complaining! I dont like kids, and if i didnt need the money so bad, I wouldnt be babysitting on halloween eve!
Now that she is sleeping... Yeah, Im going to call my friends and see how the party is going'

Pose by Phoenix Dream
EYELURE Skinny jeans
::Designer Circle::.
-{ZOZ}- Romantic Dreams (slink)
.::WoW Skins::. Allison skin
Eyelure Long Sleeve Top  
StoraxTree Furniture
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-{ZOZ}- Romantic Dreams (slink)
'Fun? Well, it was.. but now it seems its getting boring... no more alcohol left!'
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 1 Hundred. Candy Striper Set. Cherry
 [ Infliction ]  Damnation Pumps
Coco Sands Shapes Paris shape
Fresh Style  HAnkii Pankii Nile fairy  dancer skin
TAMELESS Remi hair
Icons Of Style Champagne poses
'And oh my, my heels are killing me! What if we move and take the party to your home?'
Tuty poses
'Yay! My friends will be here in a bit... I better go and check the baby... i hope she wont wake up...
Oh no!! The baby is not in her bed... Where the hell..? Oh there she is!'
animA Poses
'OMG she could have fallen! And what was she watching down stairs?'
To be continued
Baby mesh avatar and Baby clothing Bunny Foo Foo
R.icielli Pose
StoraxTree Furniture

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